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Continuous training is important to all professionals, and real estate agents are not different. Grab a cup of coffee and peruse the shelves; read the reviews. If you know of a great book that should be included here, please let us know. We are always looking forward to the next read!

Also, The Kindle is a great new device for reading books, and has over 350,000 titles, including many of those listed below. Check out the Kindle for yourself:

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master the industry
Once an agent has spent some time in the trenches of real estate, a few things become self-evident: 1) This is not an easy business 2) There are some of us that seemingly have it figured out while others of us do not and 3) There is always a better way of doing. The following books will help with discovering number 3 along your journey.
become a better salesperson
Let's face it: we're in the sales business. Learning proven sales techniques can only help our real estate business
your first year in real estate sales
Studying to pass the real estate exam does not prepare you for real estate sales. As a result, more than 80% of agents quit withing the first twelve months. To be successful your first year, you must find a mentor and do plenty of reading.
Propsecting for leads is seminal to a healhty real estate business. Learn how to make your time more effective.
An excellent marketing plan will bolster your career. Whether it's done through print ads, multi-media, direct mail, email, or online, and when done properly, strong marketing efforts are sure to bolster your sales.
BPO / REO sales
It seems that every agent wants to get into REO sales. Look before you leap with these books designed to guide you into the right direction.
short sales
It seems that every other listing is upside-down. An agent that can prevent her client from going into foreclosure has done us all a favor. Learn the most effective methods to navigating the maze of short selling.
Ramping up your skills will surely help your sales climb. These books will give you insight to better staging, presentations, etc...
HUD sales
HUD buyers may currently purchase housing for $100 and the agent can make up to 5% commission. These books will get you started with the process.
niche markets
Time shares, luxury homes, and resort sales are a niche all to themselves. These volumes will grant you insight before you leap.
business planning
Without a solid business plan, a real estate professional is bound to ride the rollercoaster of sales. Use these guides to write your plan and get off the ups and downs that scare us all!
convert FSBOs into sales
For Sale by Owner properties are ripe for the pickin'. Statistics show that more than 80% of FSBOs eventually list with an agent, and with the right words and actions, that agent can be you!
Negotiation is a skill that everyone can improve. These books are tried and tested, and lead to results. Don't leave this valuable skill to chance.
Having the right words to overcome objections is key to making more sales. Don't be fooled into thinking that scripts are phoney and gimmick-y. When you already know the script, you can actually listen to what the prospect is saying, rather than concentrate on what you are going to say next.
quality of life
These books will help your business with tips, while making you feel good about the way you do them. When you're happy with what you do, you are more apt to do a better job, which makes you more happy!
commercial real estate
Finding a good read on commercial real estate is difficult. These books will point you in the right direction.
motivation - that extra push
Staying on task can be daunting when sales are slow. Keeping yourself motivated will allow you to have a better attitude, which always leads to increased opportunities and sales are sure to follow.
real esate broker / owner
Have you started your own brokerage? Are you thinking of doing so? These books are a beacon in the thick woods of brokerage ownership.
real estate investing
We are around real estate all the time, and therefore can spot the best deals, but do we really know exactly what the seasoned pros do? Take your side business of investment to the next step when you have the confidence to do it right.
training aids
These training games and programs have been hand-selected to help your business grow.
When you take a break from selling, treat yourself to a fictional read that you can relate to.
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