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Real Estate Coaching

As independent contractors, agents are small business owners. There are several aspects one must master to produce steady results in real estate sales: agency, sales techniques, planning/tracking/systems. Our coaching services are designed to help agents achieve their goals. The agent sets the goals and the coach draws the map and guides the agent through.

If you follow the coaching guidelines, you are certain to close five transactions in six months!

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Coaching will get you off the ground, out of a drought, or off the roller coaster!

How it works:

  • you pay $300 for four, one-hour weekly coaching sessions
  • no contract to sign -- month-to-month
  • money-back guarantee after first hour
  • added value: short, in-between calls and email support
  • coaching done by phone and computer
  • one-on-one, confidential sessions

Coaching FAQ

What will I learn?
You will learn to become a more productive agent by focusing on activities that bring results (more commissions). Many agents spin their wheels, wasting time on activites that do not produce results. It's the old adage: work smarter, not harder.

How long should real estate coaching last?
You and your coach will identify a coaching goal (or two, or three), and you will progressively work toward achieving that goal. The duration of coaching will be predicated on your pace. However, once a bottleneck is found and solved, another usually comes to light. For this reason, many agents choose to never end coaching.

It is said that of agents netting more than $1M in annual commissions dedicate 15% or more of their time to training and coaching activities.

Why coach by telephone?
Coaching by telephone, rather than in person, is best for the student because time is saved by not having to drive to the coach's location. Ideally, as soon as the session is over, the student begins implementing the newly-learned information immediately. If the student must get into a car and drive, this effect is lost.

Will coaching automatically make me a better agent?
No. For coaching to be effective, a student must put the disscussed session into action throughout the week following the session. Coaching is most effective for those willing to work.

Is coaching just a rah-rah session?
Effective coaching does have a motivational effect on most people, but this is a result of the light bulb going off, not on mere pep talks. Your coaching sessions will be full of practical systems, methods, and approach to real estate sales.

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