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Post-License Requirements

Once licensed, all licensees must complete a 25-hour Post-License Course within the first twelve months of becoming licensed. There are many post-license programs available, but the most recommended ones teach you how to be an agent (pre-license does not do this).

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Throughout licensure, active and inactive licensees are required to take CE classes to maintain their license; 24 hours of CE classes every four years (if you're already licensed, click here to check your hours). If a licensee fails to complete CE on-time, additional fees may be charged by GREC to reinstate the license.

A side note: The law says that if a person completes post-license training within one year prior to becoming licensed, that person will receive credit for post-license training once they are licensed. The only caveat being that no CE credits accompany that post-license credit because the person was not licensed at the time of the training. If a person is licensed at the time they take post-license class, they will receive six hours of CE credit toward their four-year requirement of 24 CE hours.

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